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Breed: Labrador

Sex: Male

Labrador Retrievers, (Labradors for short) are one of the most famous breeds here in the UK and are a true representative of a ‘British dog’.  They are well loved for their friendliness, appearance and outgoing personalities.  Arlo definitely exhibits these breed traits and is an obedient, loyal dog that is pleasure to be around.

Labradors are classified as retriever gun dogs, hence the latter part their name. The breed was developed in the United Kingdom in the 1830s from fishing dogs that were originally imported from the colony of Newfoundland, and was named after the Labrador region of that colony.  A widely popular dog, they’ve become universally known as an intelligent, loving and playful family companion.

Universally recognisable and loved whole-heartedly by people the world over, the yellow lab is recognised for their work as guide dogs and also advertising a certain toilet roll company; we’re looking at you, Andrex!  Big favourites in Hollywood and movie theatres worldwide, we’re sure you’ve seen films featuring Labs such as Marley & Me, and The Incredible Journey.  They’ve featured in film and TV as long as we can remember and there’s a good reason why; they’re biddable, bright and just love to have a job to do.

Arlo absolutely loves the attention he gets when he works and has a solid level of general obedience, always aiming to please his handler.  He responds to hand signals, Portuguese and English commands and cues.  He is a grand dog suitable for media work.

Suitable acting roles + -

Arlo, the yellow Labrador, is a happy and confident young dog that has a good level obedience and the desire to continue his learning.  He loves spending time with his handler learning new skills for his acting career.

As a young adult, he follows cues easily in two languages (English and Portuguese) as well as hand signals.  This is a great asset for working with different actors and handlers in the filming environment.  He’s super human – friendly and his happy to work with any age cast member.  He’s particularly good with dog-savvy children and loves nothing more than playing ball.  True to his breeding, this family dog is synonymous with UK homes and we can just picture Arlo running around with children, playing football as part of a home themed commercial or advert.

This good looking Lab has the classic golden glossy coat that audiences love so much.  Perfectly proportioned and a fine example of his breeding, he’s fit and healthy, active and agile.  We love nothing more than seeing him running in the fields or beaches and enjoying the rural settings that he was bred for.  Film settings in countryside locations will be perfect for Arlo’s energy and exuberance.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Arlo is a fine Labrador with good breeding heritage.  He has the classic golden coat (known as “yellow”) and it has a beautiful sheen to it.  He has a confident gait with a friendly facial expression.  He’s a soft and cuddly teddy bear that has the cute appeal in every situation.

This dog has a lovely disposition and is well suited to the photography studio.  He loves the attention and knows how to strike a pose.  Keen to impress, he will hold his position even in a busy studio with heavy lighting and flash photography.

Arlo loves to dress up and is suitable for modelling dog apparel and accessories.  Likewise, he loves all humans, so he can work alongside any aged model for fashion and style shoots.

A verified countryside dog, this is one Labrador that loves to be active.  He looks impressive in motion and really suits a rural backdrop where he fully expresses himself running among trees and fields, or a seaside setting.  If you’re looking to work with a skilled and obedient Labrador, look no further than the gorgeous Arlo.

Experience + -

Arlo is yet to have professional studio experience, however, he’s such a good looking boy with a fabulous coat and a happy disposition.  He is obedient and has all the skills required for media work.  We know with Arlo’s beautiful appearance and continued training he will be a fine asset in the studio.

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Arlo happily stands on the beach, tail high and tongue outArlo practices his sit and stay posing in the field. The yellow Lab looks lovingly at his handler Yellow Labrador dog model, Arlo, lays down in a field with a ball between his legsLabrador Arlo sits on wet sand with a big smile on his faceArlo the yellow lab sticks his tongue outLabrador plays with a football in a gardenArlo the labrador takes a break from working and cuddles up next to a matching labrador teddybearLabrador dog model Arlo stands to attention in a courtyardDog model Arlo wears a Union Flag bandana and poses for the cameraDog model labrador Arlo poses in the down position in a meadow