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Appearance + -

Breed: Cornish Rex

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 04/04/2018


Neck circumference: 23cms
Length (base of neck to tail): 43cms
Height (floor to shoulder):26cms
Floor to top of head:34cms
Chest circumference: 40cms

Weight: 5kg

Wilfred the Cornish Rex is a stunning cream and ginger cat (known as a red flame) with a wonderful temperament, bags of personality to accompany his model looks.

Often compared with greyhounds, the Cornish Rex is famous for high jumps, quick starts and stops, and fast turns.  Wilfred certainly epitomises this description.  These cats tend to stay playful and kittenish throughout their long lives and Wilfred also lives up to this characteristic.  He is an adventurous cat, readily adapting to new situations and will explore wherever he goes.

If you’re not familiar with the Cornish Rex breed, he most obvious characteristics are the soft, wavy fur and egg-shaped head with huge ears.  They have a long, slim and highly muscular body, with a naturally arched back, distinct tummy-tuck and rear legs that are longer than the front ones.  Not to be confused with the Devon Rex (which is similar in appearance)  the Cornish Rex does not have guard hairs while the Devon has short guard hairs.

The Cornish Rex is a genetic mutation that originated from a litter of kittens born in the 1950s on a farm in Cornwall, UK.  One of the kittens, a cream-colored male named Kallibunker, had an extremely unusual, fine and curly coat and Nina Ennismore, who made this discovery, knew was a very special cat.  Ennismore had previously bred and exhibited rex rabbits, so she took this curly-coated cat into her home and began what became the Cornish Rex breed.

Famous owners of the Cornish Rex are Lena Dunham, Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese; it’s as if the breed is destined for stardom.  While you might think the breed too unusual to feature in any media, you’d be incorrect.  Popular blog, Catster, says, ‘Though the curly coat is obviously an eye-catcher, the Cornish Rex has been known to turn heads due to her egg-shaped head, Romanesque nose, high cheekbones, large, bat-like ears, and hollow cheeks. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Her small waist, legs for days, arched back, and barrel chest make the Cornish Rex destined for the catwalk’.  We couldn’t agree more.

Cornish Rex cats have featured in films Lady Macbeth, Ghostbusters II and even in the TV series, The Umbrella Academy.  As you can see, this breed has featured in a variety of roles in the past and there are certainly more opportunities for creatives ideas in the future, largely because of the breed personality.

Wilfred exhibits all of the traits known and loved in the breed; he’s social, outgoing, confident playful and highly intelligent and an excellent cat model.

Suitable acting roles + -

Wilfred has a fair level of obedience training since his owner is a professional dog trainer.  He has a thinking mind and enjoys to learn and train.  With this in mind, if a specific action is required for a scene, Wilfred can prepare and rehearse for the script in advance.

Wilfred shares his life with two dogs (Banjo and Byron) and another cat, Whinnie, who are also on The Animal Talent roster.  The family can be hired to work together or separately as required for the shoot.  Because he comes from a multi-species household, Wilfred is very social and is also able to work with many other animal cast members.

He also absolutely loves people and is happy to be handled by actors and actresses that he hasn’t met before.  He is a cat that enjoys being picked up (while many don’t) and cuddling in to his human is something he enjoys at home and is familiar with.

Although Cornish Rex cats are known for getting cold outside, preferring to remain indoors, Wilfred is harness and lead trained, and having lived in a city, he’s comfortable in an urban environment; this is perfect if you’re working on location.  It can’t be denied, however, that he loves comfort and Wilfred looks adorable snuggled up among blankets or warming on a sofa by the fire.  If you’re working with family themes for a TV programme, he’ll be right at home.

This adventurous cat has bags of confidence and isn’t perturbed by unusual places, loud noises, crowds or bright lights; he’s bombproof in a studio setting.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Handsome Wilfred knows that he has a superstar appearance.  His ginger and cream curls are so stylish that he deserves to be on the cover of every magazine.  He has mastered a serene pose but can also pull a cheeky, goofy grin when required!  One of his best attributes is the fabulous facial expressions he has, particularly when he’s talking.

Wilfred has striking blue eyes that are a bold contrast to his cream fur; he’s a wonderful photography subject.  Add to this his ability to pose in different positions because of the skills and tricks he has learned, you will enjoy shooting Wilfred.

Unaffected by new environments, Wilfred is happy to be photographed in a studio and he doesn’t find flash photography to be a distraction.  He can also be shot outdoors in a secure setting.

A fine example of his breed, this Cornish Rex is a suitable model for breed specific imagery for use on cat calendars, fashion accessories, signage, beakers, books and more.

Wilfred oozes class; he’s handsome and elegant and has all the attributes of a stylish cat model.

Experience + -

To date, Wilfred is yet to have professional studio experience.  However, as he is owned and handled by a professional trainer, he is well suited to this line of work and has plenty of training and socialisation up his sleeve.  Wilfred has been prepared for the studio life and you will find him a joy to work with.

Can be held / handled

Dog friendly

Harness & lead trained




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