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The Animal Talent

The Animal Talent

Appearance + -

Breed: Maine Coon

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 14/02/2022

Weight:  4.9kg


Maine Coon Valentine, is without doubt, an incredible cat.  Even though he’s still a youngster, Valentine is showing exceptional temperament and already has a good skills list.

He is an intelligent cat and incredibly sociable, not phased by any other animal or human.  He even enjoys his trips to the vet and enjoys walking about among the community on his harness and lead or in his cat pram.

This Maine Coon is also exceptionally good looking, which adds to his amazing character.

One of the oldest natural breeds from North America, this breed is known for a powerful muscular athletic body in keeping with their impressive size.  True to his breeding, Valentine is obedient, loyal to his family but can also enjoy playing the goofball!  On top of this, in the home he loves to participate in puzzle solving activities and playing fetch is one of his favourite pastimes.

Suitable acting roles + -

This magnificent Maine Coon, Valentine, is a trained cat at the beginning of his acting career.  He has a good level of obedience and thrives off pleasing his handler.  

Being harness trained, Valentine gets out of the house with his humans quite a lot and frequently visits shops, cafes and does a bit of sightseeing.  He is also happy travelling in his cat pram, as well as on public transport.  He’s a bombproof cat that isn’t at all fazed by public spaces or the outdoors.

His ever increasing skills list is varied and this makes him particularly suitable for TV and film roles where he may be required to learn new skills specific to the project.  Valentine is a fast learner and enjoys his training sessions.  

He lives with his litter mate, Angel (also signed to The Animal Talent), another cat and two dogs, so Valentine has a highly active and social home.  This means he is capable of working with other animals on set.  

His handler notes that he’s exceptional around children, so child actor (or actors of any age, for that matter) will do well working alongside this cat.  However, please keep in mind that Maine Coons are an exceptionally large breed of cat who are heavy to pick up!

Valentine is a confident cat, happy to meet new people and work in busy filming environments.  He is capable of studio work, on set or outdoors on location, if the correct facilities are in place.  


He is active, alert and inquisitive in nature and his vibrant appearance helps him steal a scene.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Valentine the tabby cat has specks of white in his neck ruff that makes for a beard like appearance, which will expand further as he matures.  He has a very prestigious appearance to accompany his obedience and skills.

More than happy to stay in position and pose for stills photography, Valentine’s eyes always sparkle and capture attention.

Holding the tabby markings, he can pass for a mixed breed as well as the true pedigree that he is.  This opens him up for a wide variety of modelling opportunities and he needn’t be pigeon-holed according to his Maine Coon breeding.  The being said, if you wished to capitalise on his pedigree, Valentine would be perfect for breed-specific merchandising photoshoots.

This large cat also has a large personality and you’re sure to capture this in stills photography.  He’s simply stunning with sparkling eyes and a thick, glossy coat.

Valentine is a genuinely calm cat which makes him the perfect subject for pet modelling.  He is able to work with flash photography as well as film, and on location or within a studio.

Experience + -

Valentine has one short film under his belt which is great for his young age.  He has an expanding skills list as he is growing and he is suitable for more TV and film work.  He had exceptional feedback from the director of his last job.

He handles beautifully and has a temperament that is particularly suited to cat acting and modelling.  Valentine brings joy to everyone he meets and is a real pleasure to have on set.  This beautiful boy makes a real impact with his luxurious appearance and laid back nature.  


“The Killing of a Cat” (Short Film) – shot on location, London 2022


Harness trained

Jump from surface to surface

Knock letters off table





Wear clothing

Valentine Behind The Scenes on "The Killing of a Cat" short filmMaine Coon Valentine 2Maine Coon Valentine 1Maine Coon Valentine 3Maine Coon Valentine 4Maine Coon Valentine 1