Appearance + -

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 15/08/2017



Length (base of neck to tail): 

Height (floor to shoulder): 

Width (circumference of chest/torso): 

Weight: 3.3kg

TJ the black domestic short hair has a regal posture that elevates him above his moggy status. He is alert, intelligent and graceful.

This rescue cat has a real rags to riches background and landed on his feet when he was adopted by his handler.  He loves his home comforts and is a real success story.  He has previously done work in support of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, promoting the values of rescuing animals.  

Sadly, black cats are often the last to be rescued from shelters these days, and it is thought that this is because of the fallacy that they don’t show up well in photographs and so won’t look good in peoples’ Instagram feeds.  This of course, is not the case, and we’re very proud of TJ for proving otherwise.  TJ now lives the life of luxury along with his other family members and we love his happy ending.

TJ is very well socialised, living with a variety of other animals including dogs, other cats, sheep, birds and humans.  He’s a well travelled cat, and loves nothing more than to go on hiking trips with his human and the other animals of the household.  Here at The Animal Talent, we find it wonderful that TJ gets safe outdoors time with his family; this is something we fully endorse.  He is a cat model that has a strong and loving bond with his human.

Suitable acting roles + -

TJ the domestic short hair is a very well trained cat and is stunningly beautiful to boot.  TJ has significant experience of film sets, photography studios and working on location.

An all black cat, TJ conjures up seasonal imagery, and one can imagine him in a Halloween or horror movie!  Whilst TJ certainly has the capability skill-wise, he isn’t a big fan of working on film or TV sets.

TJ’s greatest skills, and the place he is happiest, lies in modelling for stills photography.   Whilst his training enables him to participate in filmography, his speciality is portrait work.  He is happier in a photographic studio than on a film set, and here at The Animal Talent, our animals’ happiness and wellbeing is our primary concern.  

For this reason, we won’t suggest TJ as a cat suitable for filming, but please do consider this exceptionally well behaved cat for photography work; he really does justify peoples’ focus.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Sleek, clean cut, and perfectly proportioned, his slender frame lends itself to athletic, activity based shoots.  Yet, he also looks great in the family setting due to his breed and familiar appearance.

Yet, with a sparkle in his eye and his well groomed coat, he’s not just your average household cat.  For this reason, he looks simply wonderful in fashion photography alongside human model compatriots.  He looks particularly good alongside black-tie and formal wear.

TJ is a cat model that can manoeuvre to a variety of poses and hold in position easily.  His physicality lends itself to a wide range of themed shoots, including obvious Halloween, magic and witchcraft themes.  He certainly has a seductive appearance.

Black cats are considered to be lucky in many cultures, and this is something that can be captured with TJ.  His air of mysticism lends itself to these themes perfectly.

Capable of action shots as well as poise and control, he is a cat with a lot of presence.  He looks particularly in control when he’s on his lead and harness.  He is commanding and has an aura of self respect.

He has a strong track record for stills and video photography (including the ability to work with flash) having worked in a variety of roles; however he really does prefer stills photography.  This all black tom cat has an appearance that is particularly suited to British audiences.  His image is both familiar and accessible.

Coming from a multi-animal household of other cats, dogs, sheep and birds, TJ is happy to work with other animals from his own household.   Check out the other members of TJ’s talented family here: the dogs Marti, Tuggi, Dave and Ponti; the cats CJ, PJ, and Scooter, and Boop Boop the macaw.

Experience + -

TJ has a wealth of experience in all mediums including TV, film, stills and social media.  However, he is a cat that prefers to work in photography studios, so please respect this when considering him for hire.  He does particularly well when he is handled by models and this sort of photoshoot is perfect for TJ. 

TJ’s handler is an excellent trainer and behaviourist that has very many years of experience in the media industry, working with animals.  She and her animals are a pleasure to have on set.  Just some of TJ’s completed campaigns are listed below.

Black cat, TJ the domestic short hair, is simply beautiful and looks fabulous in every photoshoot he completes.  He’s a gentle, well loved cat that will impress you in the studio. 


Steve Poole Photographer – Studio shoot with the inimitable Steve Poole, celebrity portrait photographer.

John Daniels Photography – Studio shoot with the famous commercial animal photographer.

Battersea – Christmas photoshoot supporting the world famous dogs and cats charity.

Cat Tales (BBC 4) – TV series about the history of cats.

Ruffco Studio – Studio shoot working with other cats and dogs.

Can work with dogs from own household
Go to mark
Harness trained and lead trained
Work outdoors
Work with cats from own household