Appearance + -

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 06/09/19


Neck: 22cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 34cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 27cm

Width (circumference of chest/torso): 29cm

Weight: 4.4kg

Adopted as a kitten from Cats Protection, his fosterer and several others who were responsible for him at the time, left to form their own rescue (A Purrfect Friend Cat Rescue) and “adopted” him as their poster boy.  Spud still has strong links with both charities

Tuxedo cat Spud, has lived a perfect life ever since.  He lives among a household of 16 cats and has thrived in this environment.

This incredibly attractive cat also has a super personality; he is playful, charismatic, lively and alert.  Full to the brim with confidence, Spud’s social media fans on Facebook and Instagram love keeping up with his antics.  He brings a lot of joy to his household and every human he meets.

Prior to the Covid pandemic of 2020, Spud was a regular on the cat show circuit, thoroughly enjoying the events.  He resumed competitions post-pandemic.

Suitable acting roles + -

Spud, a domestic short hair with the tuxedo cat markings, is a cat with remarkable features.  His show name is Hercule Purrot, and the reason for this is quite obvious!  Also known as ‘The Cat With a Tash’, his facial features are stunning.  

His large stature belies his athletic ability and this particularly active cat loves nothing more than practicing his hurdles and jumps and training on his cat wheel.  Check out his showreel where you can witness his physicality and natural intelligence.

Coming from a multi-cat household, Spud is well socialised and can work with other animals providing a reasonable distance is maintained between them and the correct vaccinations are in place.  

Spud is a well-travelled cat, and has had experience on the UK cat show circuit.  He is resilient and confident, coping well with busy and noisy locations, making him perfect for working on set.  His experienced handler enhances the filming experience, making working with Spud seamless.

Suitable modelling roles + -

This black and white moggy has the traditional ‘Tuxedo Cat’ appearance, topped off with a very impressive and striking moustache.  Audiences everywhere are always stuck by his unique appearance.

With such a striking appearance, Spud is the perfect cat model to bring character and style to your photoshoot.  His sleek, debonair coat, large, bright eyes and white facial features enhance any photoshoot.

Spud is well suited to commercial photoshoots, product placement and visual promotional campaigns that cover lifestyle and family themes.  This is because of his domestic short hair breeding that is a familiar sight in many worldwide homes.  

Whether a traditional pose is required or an action shot is needed, Spud is the cat for the job.

Experience + -

Marvellous moggy, Spud, is a cat that proves class doesn’t just come from pedigree breeding.  True to his roots, Spud has featured in promotional campaigns for the charity cat rescue he came from and is now somewhat a ‘poster boy’.

His experience on the cat show circuit with the GCCF has allowed his confidence to grow and has enabled Spud the experience of working in high pressure environments.  This is a cat that handles well, loves people and people love him back.

This experienced cat with distinctive appearance has a strong presence in media imagery.  Book Spud for that special advertising campaign or film role that requires a cat that sparkles. 


A Purrfect Friend Cat Rescue – Stills for promotional material & event work

GCCF – achieved the following competition wins: Best Non Pedigree Kitten, Best Non Pedigree, Best Household Pet Kitten, and Overall Best Household Pet.

Aldi – Stills photoshoot

Scruffs – Pet product stills photoshoot

Cat wheel
Jump on to surface
Jump over