Appearance + -

Breed: Domestic Long Hair

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 03/02/2020



Length (base of neck to tail): 

Height (floor to shoulder): 

Width (circumference of chest/torso): 

Weight: TBC

Scooter is a fabulous long haired cat that loves to please his handler.  He has a twinkle in his eye that says he’s capable of anything, and he does love his training.  

This well socialised cat actor comes from a busy household of eight dogs, three other cats and a parrot.  He knows his place in his pack and loves living among his contemporaries.  

Scooter is an adventurous cat that is very well travelled and goes on regular hiking trips with his human and the other animals from the household.  Here, he exhibits his strengths on and off lead, which is a marvellous achievement for any cat, particularly one of such a young age.  At The Animal Talent, we encourage safe outdoor time for cats, allowing them to exhibit and explore their natural characteristics.  It’s fabulous that Scooter gets this time with his family.

Scooter is a keen learner and takes instruction well.  He easily picks up new tricks and skills and has a lovely bond with his human.  Here is a cat that has truly landed on his feet; happiness exudes from him and he’s a real joy to be around.

Suitable acting roles + -

Scooter the domestic long hair is very well trained, particularly considering his young age.  His confidence knows no bounds and he is a talented cat full of character.  Scooter particularly excels on harness and lead and adores his outdoor adventures with his pack (including other cats and dogs).

His excellent recall means that he is suited to working on location in an outdoor environment, providing the correct safety measures have been put in place.

This biddable cat is young, energetic and full of enthusiasm.  He’s so eager to please his handler and the pair have an inseparable relationship, making him easy to train and prepare for difficult briefs.

Scooter does have on set experience in social media shoots and TV work and is not at all phased by a large amount of crew, a noisy set environment and all the cameras.  This well travelled cat has ventured all around the UK and is able to work in most locations, even by the water, as his pictures reveal.

A big lover of people, Scooter is happy to work with any age human once introductions have been made.  Scooter takes studio work in his stride and revels in the attention from strangers.

He has grown up in a very busy household filled with three other cats, 8 dogs, a bird and a sheep!  He is well versed in multi-animal work, but should only work with animals from the same household.  Check out the other members of PJ’s talented family here: Marti, Tuggi, Dave and Ponti; the cats CJ, PJ, TJ and Boop Boop the macaw

Scooter isn’t your traditional tabby and white moggy; his fluffy fur and longer hair make him really stand out.   The white around his mouth area ensure that good lighting can be achieved on set to really highlight his soft and gentle facial features.  

His gentle nature means that he can portray the role of a household family cat, making him appropriate for a wide range of family settings and home themes.  With his flowing locks, he is also suited to fashion shoots that require that hint of elegance and flair.

An active, agile and adventurous cat means that Scooter is in good physical condition; vital for work that is concerned with healthy feline attributes.

This is a young cat that loves to learn and is excellent in training; he’s suitable for a large variety of TV and film roles.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Scooter the domestic long hair is a tabby moggy with quality.  His tabby and white markings are accented by the silver colouring that reveal his exoticism.  Even though he’s a glamour puss, Scooter is ready to get down and dirty in the mud and thoroughly enjoys being in the great outdoors.  Some of his best photoshoots have been in rural areas, including poses by lakes, among flowers and in woodland.

Equally suited to an urban aesthetic, Scooter looks particularly attractive against bright block colours, such as pinks, blues, yellows and reds. Any primary colour palette works for this enchanting kitty.

From an advertising point of view, his tabby markings make his appearance accessible yet his cuddly fur keeps him on the right side of ‘posh’; elevating any product he sits beside.  

His facial features are kind and welcoming which bring warmth and love to any setting.  His eyes capture any viewer’s heart and command attention.  This cutie is a wonderful photographic subject.

Experience + -

With both stills and film experience, Scooter is a confident and easily trained cat that is suitable for most briefs.  He is also able to work with flash photography which makes him the perfect animal hire for any studio brief.  As he matures and his skill set increases, we guarantee that he will be one of the most sought after cats on the circuit.

Scooter’s handler is an excellent trainer and behaviourist and has very many years of experience in the media industry with animals.  She and her animals are a pleasure to have on set.  Just some of PJ’s completed campaigns are listed below.

Scooter is a long haired beauty suitable for a variety of media roles.  He’s a quality cat actor that will not disappoint. 


Fur and Fables – Outdoor photoshoot with renowned dog photographer, Kerry Jordan.

Four Little Paws – Studio shoot with commercial animal photographer, Yulia Titovets.

TV Commercial – details under NDA

Can work with dogs
Go to mark
Harness trained and lead trained
Jump over
Jump up
Rub item or human
Run (trained to buzzer)
Run into cat crate
Touch item or human
Travel in a backpack
Wear clothing and accessories
Work outdoors
Work with cats from own household