Appearance + -

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 21/10/2018



Length (base of neck to tail): 

Height (floor to shoulder): 

Width (circumference of chest/torso): 

Weight: TBC

PJ is a refined domestic short hair that loves to please his handler.  He has a twinkle in his eye that says he’s capable of anything, and he does love his training.  

This well socialised cat actor comes from a busy household of eight dogs, three other cats and a parrot.  He knows his place in his pack and loves living among his contemporaries.  

PJ is very well travelled and goes on regular hiking trips with his human and the other animals from the household.  Here, he exhibits his strengths on and off lead, which is a marvellous achievement for any cat.  Here at The Animal Talent, we encourage safe outdoor time for cats and it’s wonderful that PJ gets this time with his family.

He is a keen learner and takes instruction well.  He easily picks up new tricks and skills and has a wonderful bond with his human.  He is a cat that is healthy, happy and a joy to be around.

Suitable acting roles + -

PJ the domestic short hair is an impeccably well trained cat.  His skills are extensive and he’s a very capable, versatile cat.  Able to complex scripted briefs and sequences, PJ is suitable for film and television work as well as social media shorts.

His experience on set is impressive, particularly considering his young age.  PJ is a cat that revels in being outdoors, so he is well suited to briefs that are outside and on location.   He is a good traveller and able to work at any location in the country.

Though not altogether keen on working with young children, PJ does like working with adult humans and takes instruction well.  His capability of walking to heel with an actor and weaving between their legs is a skill often requested on set, and one he is very comfortable with.  He is no stranger to busy studio environments and is very relaxed in a media environment.

Coming from a multi-animal household of other cats, dog, sheep and birds, PJ is happy to work with other animals providing the correct precautions are taken.   Check out the other members of PJ’s talented family here: Marti, Tuggi, Dave and Ponti; the cats CJ, TJ and Scooter, and Boop Boop the macaw.

PJ is a traditional tabby and white moggy with beautiful symmetrical facial markings. His pink and black mottled nose looks particularly cute and gives him character.  He stands tall and proud, and oozes confidence.

A very active cat, PJ is well suited to roles that encompass sports and action.  He particularly enjoys working with the other animals from his household, but can work with other well-behaved dogs provided the correct precautions have been taken.

PJ can portray the role of any household family cat, which makes him appropriate for a wide range of family settings and home themes.  His tabby and white appearance is universal and his looks will be familiar to many countries, so he suits themes of family, home, and lifestyle across all cultures.

His extensive skill set makes him capable of scripted and sequenced roles.  PJ is very talented and responds well to challenging briefs and commands.  He is easy to work with and happy to do extra training towards specific tasks.

PJ has a soft and beautiful appearance with a regal gait.  He has a very healthy appearance that is vital for work with cat specific brands, and he is also well suited to a variety of TV and film roles.

Suitable modelling roles + -

PJ is a very handsome moggy with striking tabby markings and distinctive black markings on his nostrils.  He is a  well groomed cat with thoughtful eyes.  He really has star quality and has true audience appeal.

Very representative of our ideals of a cat, he is the typical representation of a household cat which makes him suitable for advertising so many brands, products and services.  We can see him in campaigns for cars, furniture, insurance, mortgages, kitchens, cleaning products and more.  

This sophisticated cat isn’t keen on the human touch, preferring to spend time with his own feline kind, and this opens him up to a variety of multi-animal opportunities.  He has matured quickly and outgrown the kitten world yet has retained that adorable kitten look.

Active, agile and happy to work outdoors, PJ is suited to work in both urban and rural environments.  He has a healthy body that is well suited to adventurous shoots.

PJ has a strong track record for stills and videography (including the ability to work with flash) having worked in a variety of roles.  His image is both familiar and accessible at the same time as being incredibly cute! PJ is a real heart throb, that’s for sure.

Experience + -

Experienced, confident and easily trained for complex briefs, PJ is a cat that thrives on set.  He has a great track record in the studio environment and is suitable for flash photography as well as videography.    

Because of his skill set, PJ can work on complex briefs and scripted roles. He has an impressive history of working in TV series, films, TV commercials, photography based media campaigns.

PJ’s handler is an excellent trainer and behaviourist and has very many years of experience in the media industry with animals.  She and her animals are a pleasure to have on set.  Just some of PJ’s completed campaigns are listed below.  PJ is a beautiful tabby that does not disappoint.  He is sure to bring an emotive impact on your next media project. 


Steve Poole Photographer – Studio shoot with the inimitable Steve Poole, celebrity portrait photographer.

John Daniels Photography – Studio shoot with the famous commercial animal photographer.

Battersea – Christmas photoshoot supporting the world famous dogs and cats charity.

Cat Tales (BBC 4) – TV series about the history of cats.

Ruffco Studio – Studio shoot working with other cats and dogs.

Four Little Paws – Studio shoot with commercial animal photographer, Yulia Titovets

Can work with dogs
Go to mark
Harness trained and lead trained
Jump over
Jump up
Put himself in cat basket
Ring a bell
Rub item or human
Run (trained to buzzer)
Touch item or human
Walk to heel
Wear clothing and accessories
Wear glasses
Work outdoors
Work with cats from own household