The Animal Talent

The Animal Talent

The Animal Talent

Appearance + -

Breed: Ragdoll

Date of Birth : 14 September 2021


Neck circumference: 20 cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 65 cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 27 cm

Floor to top of head: 34 cm

Chest circumference: 36 cm

Weight : 3.54 kg


Ragdoll cat Miss Evie is a very pretty cat model that has huge capability.  She is a clicker trained cat and can work with a target stick.  She is famous in her local community and is frequently seen walking on harness and lead around the city or in her owner-handler’s bike basket.   Miss Evie goes with her humans everywhere; even to dinner and to cocktail bars.  She’s a big fan of adventuring around the city parks, meeting new people and enjoying all the attention she receives.


Ragdolls are known to be calm, gentle and affectionate.  Miss Evie is no exception and because of these characteristics she is well suited to film and TV work.  She is highly intelligent and embodies the playfulness known in the breed.


Because of their exceptional appearance, it’s no wonder that Ragdolls have celebrities as guardians; Sylvester Stallone and Taylor Swift are just two famous people to live with this breed of cat.  According to the Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA) they were the most popular breed two years in a row (2019 and 2020).  Their popularity in UK and USA markets is ever increasing.


A fine example of her breed, Miss Evie displays the best traits of the Ragdoll cat; she’s almost human like in mannerisms and lives up to the ‘do-like’ comparison the breed often receives.  She’s a stunning lady that is a dream to work alongside.

Suitable acting roles + -

Miss Evie is such a lovely cat; biddable, gentle in nature and a superstar when it comes to her trick and behaviour training.  She’s confident and intelligent, working on new skills that are suitable for TV and film work all the time.  Her extensive skills list proves her talents and her adorable appearance means that she’s a fine pick of a cat actor that will steal the show.


Having undergone exceptional socialisation work, Miss Evie is well used to the sounds and sights of new environments.  As you can see from her showreel videos, she is regularly out and about in the city centre.  This lends her to busy studio and film sets.  Her socialisation hasn’t stopped at environmental work; she’s also great with humans and the breed is well known for their suitability as a family cat, interacting with young children.  This means that Miss Evie can work with human actors and models of any ages.


Suitable for the obvious glamourous and stylish roles because of her stunning good looks, Miss Evie can also be hired for acting roles that involve family and home themes; they’re one of the most popular pedigree breeds in the UK.


This is a cat that is capable of sequencing her skills, meaning that she is able to work to script and the more complex film and TV roles.  Couple this with her showstopper appearance and beautiful temperament, Miss Evie is an asset to any media production.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Miss Evie is a fine example of her breed and therefore her image can be utilised in breed merchandising such as signs, beakers, calendars, greetings cards and much more.  She has a beautiful long white coat that shows well against any colour palette and therefore it’s simple to work with any backdrop in the studio environment.


Miss Evie has a solid sit and stay and is perfectly happy to pose in different positions, working with props.  She is glamorous in appearance, loving to wear cat clothing and accessories, however, she’s equally happy to work with her natural beauty and pose in a home setting (established in a studio or film set).


Because she has such a high level of training, Miss Evie can also pose in a variety of other physical positions; including sit pretty on her hind legs.  Her versatility enables the photographer to capture a variety of positional poses.  She’s also adept at movement and her graceful gait allows for beautiful action shots.


Confident outdoors, Miss Evie is able to work out on location in rural or urban environments for the perfect modelling shots.  Likewise, as Miss Evie has the slightly more glamourous appearance due to her pedigree breeding, it’s easy to picture her in fashion photography for glossy magazines and online marketing campaigns.


She has such a striking appearance with a truly wonderful skills list; this coupled with her sociable nature means that she can pose easily with her human model counterparts.  She’s suitable for a wide variety of modelling roles.

Experience + -

Miss Evie is at the very beginning of her modelling career and hasn’t worked in a professional studio to date.  However, due to her abundance of skills and her excellent socialisation and acclimatisation to different environments, we can guarantee her confidence on set.  She is what we term a ‘bombproof’ cat; she certainly possesses the temperament necessary for this line of work.  Add to this her sizable list of skills and Miss Evie is a wonderful cat model suitable for a variety of acting roles.



Figure 8

Fist bump

Go to mark

High five


Jump into arms

Jump on command

Jump over

Low five

Paw shake

Ringing bell

Rollover left and right

Running on a leash

Setting  and  line down

Sit Pretty

Sit on shoulders

Spin left and right


Standing up


Tapping feet

Use human toilet

Walk on hind legs



Miss Evie, the ragdoll cat with bright blue eyes is prowling at the top of a flight of stairsMiss Evie, the ragdoll cat model, shows off her pink bow and lace ruffRagdoll Miss Evie in a sitting position with a head tilt next to some autumn flowersRagdoll cat posing in a lying down position wearing a lace neck ruffThe ragdoll cat sits on a dining table looking directly at the camera. She wears an orange checked jumper and sits in front of some dried flowersMiss Evie the ragdoll sits on a table in a beer garden next to a pint of lager. She is wearing a polkadot bow around her neckMiss Evie, the ragdoll, is pictured from underneath. Her paws, toe beans and face can be seen from below. She wears a large bell around her neckRagdoll cat, Miss Evie, sits in a vat basket attached to the front of a bicycle. Her human is taking her for a bike ride around the park.Miss Evie, a ragdoll cat, appears cuddly and cute within her cat bed shelter. She is all snuggled up inside the grey bedMiss Evie the ragdoll wears a feminine denim cat dress as she goes for a walk on the canal sideMiss Evie the ragdoll shows off her bright blye eyes as she poses in front of some green shrubsMiss Evie is sitting on a glass coffee table and is photographed from underneathRagdoll cat, Miss Evie, wears a pink and white checked jumper as she strolls around a garden centre sniffing the flowersRagdoll cat model, Miss Evie, sits in the bow of a tree. She is wearing a pink and white checked jumper Miss Evie the ragdoll cat model sits on a park bench and looks over the park. She is wearing a pink and white checked cat jumper