Appearance + -

Sex: Female

Weight: 2.5kg


Luna, the Snow Bengal is an absolutely stunning cat model with bags of ability. Although young, you’ll see from her showreel how talented this girl is. Her large blue eyes are particularly striking and really capture attention.


True to her Bengal breeding heritage, Luna is sweet and loving and incredibly loyal to her humans who spend quality time with her training and partaking in feline enrichment activities. Bengals are typically large, athletic cats, with boundless energy; they love to run, jump, and romp around and Luna is no exception. She is a curious and alert cat that has bags of confidence and loves to explore and learn


The Bengal is a relatively modern cat, developed in the 1980s and 90s in the USA by crossing the Asian Leopard Cat (a small, strikingly marked wild cat from South West Asia) with the domestic tabby cats and other short haired breeds such as the Abyssinian, Burmese, and Egyptian Mau. Luna has the Snow Seal Lynx Point colour variation which is particularly sought after and she has the striking appearance on a snow leopard.


Bengal cats are equal parts classy and athletic and are one of the world’s favourite pedigree cat breeds (Spruce Pets 2023) Kristen Stewart, Jerry Seinfeld and Elizabeth Hurley are just some famous owners of Bengal cats and they’re increasingly popular as pet influencers on Instagram and TikTok amassing millions of followers on the social platforms. And yes, Luna is building up quite a following herself on Instagram where she is a micro influencer with a loyal following.


You’ll also find Bengals all over your screens with series such as My Name is Earl, The X-Files and Squid Game featuring this attention grabbing breed. The breed is known for high intelligence and the propensity to learn; this is certainly true for Luna who absolutely adores her training sessions. She is a well rounded cat with confidence, ability and exceptional beauty. She is well suited for her career in the media industry.

Suitable acting roles + -

Luna the Bengal is an active and confident cat well suited to acting work. She’s a cat that loves to learn and can be trained for bespoke actions and longer, complex scripts. With all her general obedience nailed, she’s now working on the harder skills, tricks and even sequencing actions which is remarkable at her young age. She’s really set for an exciting career in TV and film.


Luna has been socialised for environmental variety and is confident in any surrounding which means she’s well-prepared for set work under bright lights and with a large amount of crew and cast members. Equally, she’s been trained on harness and lead work and can also work outdoors in a secure environment.


Her confidence is such that she can settle and rest in the studio as required without being nervous; if you’re looking for a position of rest or sleep (for example, if you’re filming adverts for cat beds or scenes in a family home), Luna is definitely capable of this and that’s quite an achievement for any cat.


Luna follows instruction well and is attentive to her handler. She shows passion in her work and is happy to follow cues from a distance, allowing for wide angle camera shots. Her impressive skills list is increasing every day.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Luna is absolutely gorgeous and certainly a showstopper. She has a real elegance about her and is full of grace in movement. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe her appearance but it doesn’t feel enough to say that she’s beautiful.


Luna deserves a backdrop of class and style, though she’s so striking that she’ll stand out against any theme or backdrop. Being predominantly white, she can work with any colour palette and when in front of the camera, she certainly knows how to strike a pose. With a solid ‘stay’ in her skills repertoire, she can pose in sitting, standing or down positions. Luna copes well with flash photography and follows instruction easily in the photography studio.


It would be a shame to cover her impressive markings, though Luna is a cat that loves to dress up. She’s often seen in gorgeous cat jumpers, dresses and scarves and she’s the perfect model for cat clothing and accessories. Happy to work with people, she can also work with human models in stylish fashion photography.


True to her breed traits, she loves to climb and run, so if you’re looking for action shots, you’re sure to get the perfect photo of Luna. She can also be photographed outdoors in a secure environment, or using a harness and lead.

Experience + -

Luna is yet to have professional studio experience, however, she’s such a good looking cat with a fabulous coat and a happy disposition. She’s incredibly talented and can learn skills for bespoke scripts and actions. She is obedient and has all the skills required for media work.



Can be handled
Carry a backpack
Eat on set
Go to mark
Harness & Lead Trained
High five
Jump up & over
Wear clothing and accessories

Snow Bengal, Luna sits on a silver cat tree Luna, the snow Bengal cat lays down on shelf.  Her blue eyes look directly at the camera and her ears are pricked high in the air Snow Bengal cat model, Luna, runs through snow covered woodland Snow Bengal cat model is in a snowy garden and lays down examining the landscape Bengal cat model, Luna, crouches on a wooden floor.  She is wearing a blue coloured cat harness Cat model Luna sits on a windowsill modelling a Christmas   cat scarf Cat model Luna models a purple cat sweater Cat model Luna, a Bengal, climbs a tree