Appearance + -

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 07/07/2018


Length (base of neck to tail): 73cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 28cm

Width (circumference of chest/torso): 35cm

Weight: 3kg

Domestic Short Hair, Jack, is a stunning ginger tabby cat that has overcome a difficult start to flourish in a wonderfully behaved moggy. 

At one day old, Jack was found dumped outside a vet’s surgery in Spain with his brother, Frost hyperlink, The brothers were rescued by the surgery, hand reared and nursed back to health.  He was soon shipped to England for housing in a foster home until he was permanently adopted at 5 months old, along with his brother, whom he has fully bonded with.

The wild child of the litter mates, Jack is adventurous and playful.  He has brought much joy to his human mum and thrives in a busy household that includes dogs, birds, other cats and even a snake!

Jack is in training to be a therapy cat and has a very loving nature that is well suited to the cat acting world.

Suitable acting roles + -

This stunning ginger tabby cat is particularly suited to acting as he is able to take instruction from actors as well as his handler.  Due to his background and hand-rearing, Jack is comfortable in the presence of strangers.

His experience with travel, the show circuit and living in a multi-animal household has made Jack a very confident cat that loves to show off in busy environments. His experienced handler coupled with Jack’s assertiveness will make working on set a pleasure.

Due to his alley-cat appearance that we’re so familiar with in British media, Jack will suit urban, outdoors roles.  He also has the look of that typically-British household cat and so will work well in filming roles where he is required to form part of a family setting.

Jack can work with well behaved dogs, children over the age of 5 and other cats (providing appropriate vaccinations are in place).

Suitable modelling roles + -

This tom cat has striking striped markings.  His ginger tabby coat is perfect for photography studios where contrasting shades are required.  The ginger cat is synonymous with British household cats, therefore Jack is the perfect model for cat food brands and photoshoots centred around home, lifestyle and family topics.

With a solid sit and stay in his repertoire, Jack is also suited to photoshoots on location and even outdoors.  He is used to traveling and enjoys getting out and about on public transport as well as in the car.

Ginger tabbies are also sometimes associated with strays, feral and outdoor cats that we’re used to seeing here in the UK.  This makes Jack the perfect cat model for urban photography and the grittier shoot.

Experience + -

Jack has worked on location for film and has even worked outdoors, however, he is yet to have studio photography experience.  He is a strong show cat and exhibits with both TICA and the GCCF.  These two arenas prove that Jack is calm and confident in busy, noisy places and used to being handled and viewed by many people.  For those familiar with the cat show world, the arenas are a fabulous place to assess a cat’s capabilities for studio work and Jack does not disappoint.

This impressive boy makes a real impact with his stunning ginger tabby coat.  Jack is the perfect feline addition to your next TV, film or media project.


Anything You Can Do – short film (on location)

There Are Snails In The Grass – short film (on location)

Can work outdoors
Harness trained
Jump on lap