Appearance + -

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Sex: Male (Neutered)

Date of Birth:  01/06/2011

Gremlin, the domestic short hair is a striking, large cat that commands a presence.  He has some strong skills and is an experienced professional.  His tuxedo markings are pronounced and vibrant and his green eyes are simply stunning.


This superstar cat model started life as a stray, but he has truly landed on his feet and is enjoying a life of luxury with his caring human and dog friends that share his home.


Tuxedo cats are best known for their bi-coloured coats that look like tiny tuxedos; these black and white cats were once worshipped in Ancient Egypt and made frequent appearances in royal tombs and hieroglyphics.


With numerous gigs under his belt, this experienced cat is confident, calm and collected.  He has received good training and has an expanding skills list.  His owner-handler also has significant media experience and the duo have good set-etiquette.  They are a pleasure to have in the studio.



Suitable acting roles + -

Gremlin is a fabulous all-rounder and a bullet-proof cat; never fazed by any environment, person or other animal.


He is confident working in a multitude of situations and is no stranger to the studio.  This is a cat that is happy to work outdoors, providing necessary precautions are in place.  Gremlin is a very happy, confident and outgoing cat is experienced in TV studios and on large production sets having worked on site, out on location and traditional filming environments.  With all of his acting roles, we have received extremely positive feedback from producers and directors.


Gremlin shares his home with two dogs (Prudence and Mr Binks also on The Animal Talent roster) and has regular animal house guests.  Due to this; Gremlin is a very sociable cat and is happy to work with other animals of many species.  Some of his previous work has included him working alongside a horse, a pigeon as well as a dog.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Gremlin is a large moggy that exudes handsomeness.  He sits proudly when he poses and is a real eye-catcher.  The black markings around his head perfectly frame his white face, highlighting his sparkly green eyes.


He’s a large cat that has a healthy, strong body.  If you’re looking to capture power as a theme in your photos, Gremlin has this in abundance.  Despite this, he has a lovely temperament and is clearly very loyal to his handler.


His domestic short hair breeding is synonymous with UK family homes and so lifestyle film settings of this sort suit him well.  This moggy can easily take up the role of any household family cat, particularly because he works so well with children.  Although Gremlin has outstanding good looks the tuxedo cat markings are very familiar and recognisable as the average UK pet or even street cat.  In this regard, he is a great mascot for British brands or TV shows and films based in the UK.


This masculine cat also likes to dress up and wears his colourful harness with pride.  This opens him up to modelling photography where cat clothing may be required.  He can also work alongside human models and enjoys the companionship of others.  While he’s not the easiest cat to pick up and carry (purely down to his large size) he’ll happily pose on a lap and snuggle into a model or actor.


This experienced cat model has worked for both stills photography and videography.  This is because of his ability to settle and pose for pictures as well as his skills in movement.  He can adapt to action shots quickly from a sit and stay brief.  He is a joy to work with in a photography studio.

Experience + -

Gremlin has a wealth of experienced having worked on TV commercials, social media adverts and has attended numerous media red carpet events.  This proves his ability to work in any busy environment.


Gremlin is a cat model and actor that is incredibly special.  He is a cat that truly has what it takes for the media industry.  Lapping up the attention, he really thrives in the studio environment.


This tuxedo cat aims to please; a true professional in the filming environment.  Gremlin and his handler are easy to work with and he is a pleasure to have on set.



Film Premiere – Red carpet appearance at a Leicester Square cinema, London

Media Photoshoot – Imperial War Museum, London

TV commercial – under NDA

Harness/lead trained

High five





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GremlinGremlin looking out of a windowGremlin sitting with her bulldog friendGremlin 9Gremlin on a harness and lead