Appearance + -

Breed: Maine Coon

Sex: Female

Date of Birth: 14/02/2022

Weight: 3.6kg


Maine Coon Angel, is without doubt, an incredible cat.  Even though she’s still a youngster, Angel is showing exceptional temperament and already has a good skills list.


Se is an intelligent cat and incredibly sociable, not phased by any other animal or human.  Se even enjoys his trips to the vet and enjoys walking about among the community on her harness and lead or in her cat pram.


This Maine Coon is the sister of Valentine, also on our roster.  Like her brother, she is exceptionally good looking, which adds to her amazing character. She has tabby and white markings with a beautiful, soft featured face.


One of the oldest natural breeds from North America, this breed is known for a powerful muscular athletic body in keeping with their impressive size.  True to her breeding, Angel is obedient, loyal to her family but can also enjoy playing the goofball (particularly with her brother)!  On top of this, in the home she loves to participate in puzzle solving activities, particularly if they involve food.

Suitable acting roles + -

This magnificent Maine Coon, Angel, is a trained cat at the beginning of her acting career.  She has a good level of obedience and thrives off pleasing her handler.  To top this off, Angel and her litter mate, Valentine, can be back up cats for each other on set if required.


Being harness trained, Angel gets out of the house with her humans quite a lot and frequently visits shops, cafes and does a bit of sightseeing.  She is also happy travelling in his cat pram, as well as on public transport.  This means that she’s a bombproof cat that isn’t at all fazed by public spaces or the outdoors; making her particularly suitable for on-set work and location based shoots.


Her ever increasing skills list is varied and this makes her well-suited for TV and film roles where she may be required to learn new skills specific to the project.  Angel is a fast learner and loves her training sessions.


Living with her his litter mate, Valentine, another cat and two dogs, Angel is used to a busy household that is highly active and social.  This means she is capable of working with other animals on set, without prior meeting (a feat not many cats can achieve).


Her handler notes that she’s exceptional around children, so child actor (or actors of any age, for that matter) will do well working alongside Angel.  However, please do keep in mind that Maine Coons are an exceptionally large cat who are heavy to pick up!


Angel is a confident cat, happy to meet new people and work in busy filming environments.  She is a good cat actor with a calm temperament.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Angel is a tabby and white Maine Coon with beautiful eyes and a regal posture.  Her calm and still nature is carried by her stunning appearance.


More than happy to stay in position and pose for stills photography, Angel is a joy to work with because she settles into position so easily.   This is particularly useful for branding shoots where she is required to work alongside products (such as cat beds).


Having tabby markings, she could easily pass for a mixed breed cat to the untrained eye as well as the true pedigree that she is.  This opens her up for a wide variety of modelling opportunities and she needn’t be pigeon-holed according to his Maine Coon breeding.  The being said, if you wished to capitalise on her pedigree, Angel would be perfect for breed-specific merchandising photoshoots on calendars, cards and more.


Angel is a genuinely calm cat which makes her the perfect subject for pet modelling in stills photoshoots.  She is able to work with flash photography as well as film, and on location or within a studio.  Able to work outdoors, this cat has exceptional recall and follows instructions even with distractions.

Experience + -

Angel has worked as back-up cat on a film shoot on location in central London.  She behaved impeccably and had favourable feedback from both the producer and director.  Her expanding skills list as he is growing and she is suitable for more appearances in TV and film.


She handles beautifully with a temperament that is particularly suited to cat acting and modelling.  Angel is a true beauty that brings joy to everyone she meets and is a real pleasure to have on set.




“The Killing of a Cat” (Short Film) – shot on location, London 2022


Harness trained

Jump from surface to surface

Knock letters off table




Wear clothing

AngelAngel and Valentine the maine coons sleeping between shots backstageAngel behind the scenes shot for Edgard Cooper advertAngel being filmed for Edgard Cooper advertMaine Coon, Angel, behind the scenes shot for Edgard Cooper photoshootAngel maine coon behind the scenes shot for Edgard Cooper