Appearance + -

Breed: Royal Python

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 15/04/2005

Neck – 10cm
Length (base of neck to tail): 137cm
Height (floor to shoulder): 5cm
Width (circumference of chest/torso): 10cm

Weight: 1500g

Rocket the royal python is a beautifully large specimen of the species. He is considered to have a ‘normal’ morph; and if you’re unfamiliar with morphs, this term is simply used to describe the pattern and colour on reptiles and snakes to help identify them.

Being ‘normal’ means that Rocket has natural colouring that you would see of this species in the wild. Royal pythons originate from central and western Africa, living in savannas, grasslands and sometimes woodlands.
Royal pythons are also sometimes named “ball pythons” due to how these snakes react when threatened. Rather than slithering away or striking out, they curl themselves into a tight ball to appear as small as possible, this is probably due to the fact that they are relatively slow, moving at only 1mph!
Interestingly, they have been household pets for centuries. In fact, most sources claim that live royal pythons were worn by rulers of Egypt as jewellery. One pharaoh is frequently cited; Queen Cleopatra VII of the Ptolemaic dynasty! They were, and still are, the preferred pet snakes due to their docile nature and apparent love of human company.

They embrace the role of a pet and are among the friendliest of snakes. They tolerate handling well and enjoy being held or even draping across their owner’s neck. You too can have your own living snake jewellery, just like Cleopatra!

From Kaa in the Jungle Book to Nagini in the Harry Potter series, snakes have been featuring in popular culture for a long time. They’re not always evil either! We have many lovely, caring and funny snakes in film and literature including Master Viper in Kung fu Panda and Sandy the Snake in Sesame Street.

Rocket was rescued from Cheshire Reptile Rescue at the age of 17 when his human had to make the heart-breaking decision to relinquish him due to ill health. However, Rocket has been treasured and loved all of his life; this is easy to tell from his submissive temperament and his all around good condition. He’s a very friendly snake that loves to be alongside his new human and is enjoying his new home.

Suitable acting roles + -

Rocket is not only a beautiful royal python who looks fantastic in motion and on film, he’s also got a wonderful temperament that makes him ideal for film work.  He and his experienced handler are easy to work with in a filming environment.  


True to his species, Rocket is a wonderfully tame royal python and has the amiable disposition that the species is known for.  Due to this he is the perfect snake for working with actors he’s unfamiliar with, including children (under supervision).  


Enjoying attention, Rocket can happily stay out of his vivarium for several hours and providing the correct breaks and heating time is provided, he is able to work for a few hours on set.  Rocket is comfortable working outside providing correct precautions are being taken.


True to his species, Rocket is quite slow and purposeful in movement which makes filming easy.  Even though he’s large, he is surprisingly agile, and like all snakes, he is fascinating to capture on film.  He will also climb and will beautifully support himself on objects as required.  


Sometimes affectionately nicknamed “Danger Noodles”, royal pythons certainly have a snoot that needs booping, and Rocket is no exception!  He has funny facial expressions and he definitely has the ‘cute’ appeal.   Rocket will suit a variety of filming themes from comedy, to cute and friendly, as well as dramatic and dark filming opportunities.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Rocket is larger than the average royal python, but this means there is more to love! With his natural colouring of black and gold, Rocket is a sight to behold. His markings work well against any colour palette.

Rocket makes a fabulous model because of his vibrant markings and puppy-tame nature. He has beautiful patterning (sometimes compared to the faces of ET) and is a wonderful photography subject.

Snakes, pythons in particular, have been associated with some of the oldest rituals known to man and represent dual expressions of good and evil. Ever since Eve’s transgression in the Garden of Eden, snakes in Christianity have been associated with lies, evil and temptation. In other cultures, as far-flung as ancient Greece and Egypt and North America, snakes symbolise fertility, rebirth, renewal and even immortality. In many religions across Africa, pythons represent something sacred and revered.

Due to Rocket’s ability to work in the photography studio and out on location, it is possible to work with him in a variety of locales. Plus, if you’re looking for action shots, Rocket has adorable facial features and looks particularly cute with his mouth open or when he ‘yawns’.

Capable of being handled by a variety of people, Rocket can also model alongside children. He can also work alongside objects so if you’re working on a commercial shoot, Rocket will happily pose alongside a product.

Being of natural colouring, Rocket is suitable for species specific photoshoots that may include calendars, books, mugs and even educational materials.
He is a truly beautiful snake that will make a fantastic addition to your photoshoot.

Experience + -

Rocket is yet to have professional studio or film experience, yet he is a wonderful snake that is easy to handle and loves the presence of humans.  For these reasons, we are sure that you will be pleased with him in a filming or photography environment.  Rocket is a fine looking snake with a gorgeous temperament and will be a fine addition to your next media project.






Can work outdoors