Appearance + -

Breed: Crested Gecko 

Sex: Male

Date of Birth:  28/07/2019


Neck circumference: 5cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 8cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 3cm

Floor to top of head: 3cm

Chest circumference: 8cm 

Weight: TBC

Porridge, a beautiful crested gecko is an extreme harlequin morph with a dark base colour and largely cream dorsum (almost to the point of being a bi-colour morph).  The breeding of crested geckos in the reptile world has led to a fascinating variety of colour ‘morphs’, with some more sought after than others.  As Porridge’s colour is so strikingly contrasted, this makes photography easy and pleasing on the eye.  

Porridge was adopted from Cheshire Reptile Rescue, and now lives in a busy yet loving household.  Living the life of luxury in an extra large vivarium in a bioactive setting, Porridge now lives the life of luxury.  He shares his home with a variety of other animals and isn’t intimidated by a busy or noisy environment.  Quite the nosey-parker, he loves to watch the other animals from the safety of his vivarium.  Porridge enjoys being handled and has shown no signs of dropping his tail, quite exceptional for his species.

Suitable acting roles + -

Crested gecko, Porridge, is happy to be handled and pet by actors, even by children, under supervision.  He is not nervous in new surroundings and travels well.

Porridge has exceptional markings that are really striking on film and will stand out against nearly any background.  Porridge also still has his tail intact and because of this, he is a superb jumper and climber, making motion shots simply stunning.  

Crested geckos being arboreal love to climb (as opposed to being on the ground).  Cresties have special toe pads (otherwise known as ‘sticky feet’) which allow them to climb more or less any vertical surface with ease.  Their prehensile tails are expert at gripping on to branches.  This allows for exceptional filming opportunities offering a variety of visual perspectives.  

For more information on why filming with crested geckos is fabulous, check out our crestie blog here. (hyperlink to blog)

Suitable modelling roles + -

Porridge is a striking crested gecko with beautiful contrasting markings of dark and light colours.  This works really well in studio photography where his colouring can be shown off to its best.  If you’re working on product placement shots, Porridge’s colours will provide a strong feature.

With his cute smile and the classic crested gecko ‘eyelids’ Porridge is as friendly as he looks.  He’s easy to work with and will happily sit in place for photography.  If you’re looking for an action shot, you can also get Porridge in flight as he jumps, climbs and grips with aplomb.

Experience + -

To date, Porridge is yet to have professional filming experience, though he has taken part in a pet photography session.  This very tame crested gecko handles well and is confident in new surroundings and busy locations, so we know that he will adapt well to working on set.


Handleable by people of all ages

Will work in daylight