The Animal Talent

The Animal Talent

The Animal Talent

Appearance + -

Breed: Terrier mixed breed

Sex: Female

Date of Birth: 01/01/2015


Saffie is a small mixed breed terrier with a fox-like appearance.  She’s full of sass and attitude which is comical because she’s so little.  This pocket rocket is a highly skilled and capable terrier that has a strong bond with her owner-handler, which is no surprise as her human is a qualified canine behaviourist and trainer.


Saffie was rescued from a dreadful situation and has had a genuinely difficult past.  Despite this, she has overcome trauma and has accomplished so much in the media.


Her unique breeding makes her a one-of-a-kind doggy in appearance and character.  She has star quality and regardless of her smaller stature, she commands a room and grabs attention.

Suitable acting roles + -

Saffie is highly skilled and easy to train; she loves to learn new tricks and behaviours as part of her daily enrichment and mental stimulation.  Her training and experience ensure she’s a capable dog actor for many roles.


This gorgeous girl has bags of ability and has worked in a variety of environments; in training classrooms in front of students and other (unfamiliar dogs), on set and in studios.  However, due to her past traumas, Saffie prefers working with smaller crews in large, open spaces.  She’s particularly adept at location filming where she can perform outdoors.  She follows commands easily and is eager to please her handler.  Her lead work is exceptional and she will happily trot alongside an actor or actress.


If you’re working on social media campaigns or TV commercials, Saffie’s one-of-a-kind appearance guarantees her suitability for brand partnerships.  She’s attention-grabbing, unique and has an expressive face.  Capable of working with props, objects and products, advertising and promotional footage is easy to capture.


With her adorable good looks and her poised demeanour, this professional dog and her experienced handler are a dream partnership.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Saffie the terrier cross is a photogenic little lady.  Her red and white short coat is particularly striking and she’s as foxy as she looks!


Saffie can work against a number of different colour backdrops, but we think she looks stunning in a rural location.  Autumnal and winter themes really suit her appearance.


Since she is a mixed breed terrier, there’s no other dog that looks quite like Saffie; this is perfect for branding and advertising campaigns where she can be used as a mascot or feature.


Happy to work with props in the studio, Saffie will also wear clothes and accessories when required to model for dog products.  Whatever the brand you may be working with, Saffie has a safe image that can be used within family theming and her non-controversial image is open to universal audiences.


Her demure appearance also works well in fashion photography, where she adds a touch of glamour. Saffie is a real lady with bags of style and her appearance and temperament simply ooze class.

Experience + -

Saffie and her handler both have a wealth of experience in live event work and in front of the camera.  Her owner-handler is also a talented trainer and behaviourist by profession and this shows in the duo’s etiquette.  Saffie is experienced in working in a variety of locations and excels in performing in outdoor locations.  She’s a beautiful little terrier with big, bright eyes and a spritely character.  She’s a lovely dog to work alongside.



Vidivet – Social media video campaign

House of Coco – Live social media session exhibiting tricks, skills and enrichment techniques

PJ Pet Photography – Stills photoshoot

Pawsitively Does It – Training class dog model; live event exhibiting tricks, skills and behavioural techniques


Go to mark

High Five


Nose touch




Sit pretty




Walk to heel on and off lead

Wear clothing and accessories

Saffie the terrier cross ,posing for the cameraTerrier Saffie on a stills photoshootSaffie modelling a collar and harness for PJ Pet PhotographySaffie performing her paws up command for a live training sessionSaffie performing her modelling skills on a dog training courseSaffie performing tricks for Pawsitively Does ItSaffie the dog model practicing her sit and stay commandHeadshot of model terrier, Saffie Dog model Saffie working on locationSaffie, Mixed Breed Terrier Red and WhiteSaffie, Terrier Cross, Rosette at Dog Show AwardsSaffie in down position trainingDog model Saffie, terrier that looks like a foxHeadshot of Saffie the mixed breed terrier