Appearance + -

Breed: Maltipoo (Maltese x Toy Poodle)

Sex: Female

Date of Birth:  08/06/2011


Neck circumference: 31cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 41cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 23cm

Floor to top of head: 33cm

Chest circumference: 43xm

Weight: 6kg

Miss Teddy the Maltipoo is a chic lady with bags of class and sass.  A seasoned dog model, Miss Teddy is absolutely stunning and sure knows how to strike a pose!

Miss Teddy is so special to her family that a haute couture dog fashion brand was built around her; Miss Teddy.  She’s an exceptional dog that deserves the very best!

A fine example of the mixed breeding between the toy poodle and the maltese terrier, this winning combination of parentage means that Miss Teddy is gentle, playful, and highly intelligent; not to mention good looking!

Suitable acting roles + -

Maltipoo Miss Teddy is no stranger to the studio.  She follows commands well, is biddable and loves to please her handler.  With experience in event work, this dog is more than happy in a very busy environment and copes well with loud noises and flashing lights.

This maltipoo is great with people of all ages and particularly adores children, so whatever the age of the cast, Miss Teddy will excel.  Teddy is also happy to work with other dogs and most other animals.  She is as capable of working out on location as well as under studio lighting.  Her kind nature and her ability to follow instruction means that she is a delight to work with on set. 

Suitable modelling roles + -

Miss Teddy’s extensive studio experience means that she can walk into any situation and hold her pose impeccably well.  She also has the rare ability to look over shoulder, a skill not many dogs possess.  This is absolutely perfect for modelling clothes and accessories; achieving that sassy look that any human model would be proud of.

As can be seen from her impressive portfolio, Miss Teddy can work with any accessory and even has the ability to wear glasses and hats, and while many other dogs don’t like this, Miss Teddy adores wearing fancy dress.  

Being perfectly white all over her body, she can make any colour palette work; this is particularly useful for brands and products that encompass many colours.  Miss Teddy can pose alongside items, and because of her tiny stature, she can also pose on top of products when required.

Her beautiful looks and adorable temperament make Miss Teddy the perfect doggy model.

Experience + -

Miss Teddy has a large amount of modelling experience and has been photographed many times in professional studio environments.  As the face of the Miss Teddy brand, she is regularly photographed modelling clothes and accessories.  Miss Teddy also features heavily in the promotion for the Young Woofians brand where she models for stills and promotional videos.  As a micro influencer on Instagram, Miss Teddy has amassed quite a following worldwide for her cute stories and fashion-led grid posts.


Miss Teddy – Clothing and accessory modelling for stills photography and video shorts

Young Woofians – Grooming model for stills photography and video shorts

Puppy Post – Fashion editorial

The Sun – Fashion editorial and photoshoot

Daily Mail – Editorial and photoshoot

Nottinghamshire Live – Influencer editorial and photoshoot

Jeremy Vine – Filmed interview on pampered pets (December 2019)

Look over shoulder