Appearance + -

Breed: Maltese

Sex: Female

Date of Birth:  21/11/2009


Neck circumference- 24cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 25cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 22cm

Chest circumference: 33cm 

Weight: 2kg

Lilliput is a super cute female Maltese Toy. She is very sweet-natured & gets on well with humans, children and other animals. Having had weekly sessions with a canine behaviourist since she was 16 weeks’ old means she is well trained with impeccable manners.

She’s simply adored by her human and no expense is spared on her all natural, all organic diet. Insta-famous Lilliput the Maltese has a verified mass following of almost a quarter of a million fans.  This is a  pooch that can influence any marketing campaign by creating huge brand awareness.  A true socialite, Lilliput frequently gets booked for red carpet premieres and VIP events.  Lilliput is very beautiful, truly one of a kind and a suitable animal actor for a wide variety of roles

Suitable acting roles + -

Lilliput the Maltese is a certified trick dog that is capable of performing in a wide variety of dog acting roles.  Due to her advanced training she is capable of following a lengthy script.

Her extremely cute, fluffy and pocket-sized appearance positions Lilliput perfectly for roles which require the cuteness and appeal of a puppy, but the manners, patience, intelligence and cooperation of an adult dog. As a highly trained dog, Lilliput is able to learn new skills quickly and to a very high standard.  She is a fast learner of tasks which makes her the perfect dog for film, TV and commercials. 

This Maltese has luscious long white hair with adorable facial features and deep, dark eyes. Women in particular can’t resist her glamorous appearance, so Lilliput works well in ads featuring luxury products and/or services. Her cute appeal also makes her the ideal dog actor for adverts marketed towards children. Lilliput is the perfect on-set dog for film locations, TV productions and media projects that occur in real-world settings. 

Lilliput has a friendly personality and is relaxed in nearly any situation.  This dog thrives on human contact and can work with other animals, well behaved children and adults alike. Her extensive trick list together with her stunning looks will enhance your filming project.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Frequently photographed for the glossies including Vogue in May 2022, Lilliput can work any look the stylist requires. Her fame-hungry personality trait enables her to transition fluidly from modelling to acting to receiving hugs on your lap all day long. As a model, she loves having her picture taken and can sense a camera from a great distance; looking straight into the lens for that perfect shot first time, every time. It’s worth noting Lilliput is happy to pose for a substantial duration.

This amazing model has also perfected her classic head-over-the-shoulder pose and can count to 10 in woofs plus sneeze on command. Very laid back, with a fantastic temperament, she will let humans do anything to or with her (subject to her human’s consent) and is fine with other animals, including large dogs.

Experience + -

This one of a kind little Maltese has extensive modelling and acting experience, having posed for magazines, national newspapers, fashion houses, car manufacturers & pet websites.  She has starred in multiple promotional campaigns, walked numerous red carpets and filmed for various television shows, events and advertisements.  


Lilliput has worked for a large variety of international brands, as well as world famous celebrities.  Her film, TV, and stills photography credentials are seriously impressive.


Modelling Credits:

Charles & Keith – commercial 

NowTV – commercial 

River Island – advertisement 

House Of Sunny – images for Paris Fashion Week 

Vogue Japan – fashion editorial

Ford Cars – commercial 

Reuters – video about herself 

Good Housekeeping – fashion editorial 

Dazzle – commercial 

Luis Vuitton – fashion editorial 

Tesco / F&F – commercial 

The Sun – editorial 

Daily Mail – multiple editorials 

Daily Mirror – multiple editorials

The Sunday People – editorial 

The Evening Standard – promo  

Time Out – editorial  

BBC1 – “Wonderland” documentary

BBC Radio4 – Influencers Interview 

The Secret Life of Pets – promotional shoots for both films 

Walt Disney Studios – promo event for the film “Patrick” 

Warner Bros – promo events for film “The Nut Job 2” and “The Meg” 

Disney – promo event for film “The Call of the Wild” 

Chessington World of Adventure – promotional event

Buffalo Zine – fashion editorial 

Attitude Magazine – editorial 

Celebrity Credits:

Kevin Hart – promotional work The Secret Life of Pets 

The Pet Shop Boys – editorial 

Martin Kemp – promotional work for Klarna 

Liu Wen – commercial 

Peaches Geldof – promotional work for Nikki Tibbles 

Loraine Kelly – promotional work for The Guinness Book of Records 

Silent Witness cast – promo shoot 

James Middleton – promo shoot 

Love Island people – promo shoot 

Eyal Booker (dating Lisa Rinna’s daughter) – primo shoot 

Gillian McKeith – film premiere  

Kenny Goss (George Michael’s former partner) – promo shoot

Influencer Credits:

Warner Bros – social media collab for Halloween song 

Crufts – social media collaboration 

LadBible – social media collaboration

Ocado – promotional event

Mousetrap – social media collaboration

Can style hair

Can work with props


Come & go away


Give me 10

Go to mark

Happy to be handled & carried

High 5

Hit/touch an object

Paws up on object

Push an object


Ring bell


Sneeze on command




Tilt head

Wave goodbye

Will wear pet clothing & accessories