Appearance + -

Breed: Cockerpoo

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 21/11/2009


Neck circumference: 38cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 61cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 32cm

Chest circumference: 64cm

Weight: 16.3kg

Barnaby has a polite and gentle manner and he is regularly complimented on his fine temperament.  He loves to work and to be given a task to complete, as much as he loves to play with his toys.  He loves to please his handler and will learn pretty much any skill in return for a treat or two!

This friendly dog simply loves human attention and is well loved by everyone he meets.  He loves people making a fuss of him and in return, he will gladly bring you a toy or do a happy dance for you!

Barnaby is a micro influencer with a loyal following on Instagram.  He has a feed full of happiness that centres around home, country and lifestyle.

Barnaby is a beautiful dog in both looks and nature, so much so that he has featured in a children’s book about dogs.  This professional dog is a real treat!

Suitable acting roles + -

Barnaby the cockapoo is a champion trick dog that is capable of a wide variety of dog acting roles, including following a script.

Barnaby’s handler is a qualified trick trainer and this enables Barnaby to learn new skills quickly and to a very high standard.  He is a fast learner of difficult tasks which makes him able to work on complex film scripts and briefs. 

This cute and cuddly cockapoo has a glorious brown coat with cute facial features and deep, dark eyes.  His adorable appearance suits city living as well as fun in the countryside, so Barnaby will look pawsome in a variety of film locations.  

The popularity of cockapoos in Britain means that they have a recognisable appearance that appeals to family audiences.  With this in mind, Barnaby is the perfect on-set dog for TV productions and media projects that occur in a home setting and leisure setting.

People regularly comment on Barnaby’s gentlemanly temperament; he has a polite personality and is relaxed in nearly any situation.  This dog thrives on human contact and can work with well behaved children and adults alike.

Barnaby’s extensive trick list on top of his beautiful looks means that he is a well-behaved dog that will enhance your film project.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Chocolate cockapoo, Barnaby, has glossy curls, floppy ears and a soft face; what’s not to love?!  This doggy is cuteness overload and his presence in stills photography enhances every picture. 

Having previously modelled dog clothing, it is clear that Barnaby is happy and comfortable wearing a variety of outfits.  His chocolate coat works with any colour of the rainbow, so he is the perfect pup that can promote dog apparel. 

Looking good in either urban or rural settings, Barnaby is able to pose in any position and can work well with props.  Branding campaigns centred around fashion, lifestyle and family living are perfect for Barnaby and he will be a fabulous addition to your product’s media portfolio.   

Barnaby is able to work on location or in the studio.  He can also work with other animals providing careful and monitored introductions have been made.  He is a great all-rounder and is sure to brighten up your day.

Experience + -

Barnaby is an experienced trick dog having achieved championship status.  Because of his achievements, he is more than capable of working in a busy, on set environment.  Having modelled previously, he is also very capable of photography studio work and is more than capable of working on location.

This confident doggy excels at complex briefs and is particularly suitable for skilled acting roles on film and television. 


Pet Edition – Modelling dog clothing for social media posts

“The Dogs of Waggy Woof Lane” by Georgie Bleza – Featured in this childrens’ book

Blanket roll
Cross paws
Do More With Your Dog: Champion Trick Dog
Give paw
Go to mark
Hold item in mouth
Lie down
Open and close door
Play dead
Put basketball in hoop
Put toys away
Walk backwards
Wear clothing and accessories
Wear glasses