Appearance + -

Breed: Sphynx

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 03/08/2017



Length (base of neck to tail): 

Height (floor to shoulder): 

Width (circumference of chest/torso): 

Weight: 3.3kg

Sphynx cat Ninja, has bags of personality.  As a general rule the Sphynx breed is known to be almost dog-like in characteristics, yet Ninja is more human than feline!

At birth, Ninja was rejected by his mother after a difficult birthing process and a vet considered euthanasia, however, his loving humans put every shred of effort in to his survival and hand reared the kitten.  Ninja had to be bottle fed for several months until he became stable and began thriving in normal kitten life.  However, the difficulties didn’t stop there; Ninja was a cat born with a cleft palate and had to undergo several surgeries to improve his condition.

Having had a tough start to life, Ninja is now a real superstar with fans all over the world on his social media accounts as well as the people he meets out and about on the streets on his adventures.

Along with the other cats in his home, Ninja is happy, settled and now in good health; he does have an occasional protruding tongue, however, having been checked by specialist vets, we are happy to say that this is behavioural rather than a medical condition and doesn’t bother him in the slightest; rather it just adds to his wonderful character.

The wild child of the household, Ninja is fearless and brave in every sense, having overcome lots of adversity.  He is super confident and adventurous, enjoying nothing more than visiting new locations with his human.  He can often be found hanging out with his human at the local skate park; one of his favourite pastimes.

He’s a very vocal cat with sounds ranging from whistles, purrs, huffing and puffing, and even singing when the mood takes him.  His humans affectionately nicknamed him ‘R2D2’ because of the variety of noises he makes depending on his frame of mind.  Equally, his facial expressions echo this; he really does wear his heart on his sleeve.

At the end of each day, he has a cute bedtime routine with his human which includes scratching at the curtains when he’s tired and snuggling up with his human in bed, on a pillow with a blanket wrapped around him.

Suitable acting roles + -

Ninja the Sphynx is a real superstar in the making.  True to his breeding, Ninja is a friendly, loving, and energetic show-off that craves human attention. Ninja is an acrobatic clown who doesn’t take himself too seriously.  However, with his wide variety of facial expressions, in contrast he can also portray regal looks and a serious expression.

Adept at exhibiting a range of emotions, Ninja has facial expressions that cover the range of whimsy, comedy, regal and purposeful.  This makes him perfect for acting roles that require a variety of mannerisms.

Because of his quirky appearance, he’s particularly suitable for comedic roles, however, We can picture Ninja as a super sleuth in a spy movie.  He’s agile, quick and stealthy.  His alert nature and highly responsive attitude can be levelled to show poise and control. 

Ninja comes from a multi-cat household (hyperlink Pepper and Cozmo) and is well socialised with a variety of animals that he meets out on his walks.  This means he is suitable for working with nearly any animal on set, providing adequate introductions have been made.  Ninja is particularly fond of working with dogs.

His experience with travel, the great outdoors and adventure means that Ninja copes particularly well in the busy and noisy film studio.  Able to work outside, this cat is also well suited to working out on location.

A highly active and inquisitive cat breed, Ninja fits the bill. Because of this, he simply loves day trips with his human to a variety of places including the seaside, countryside and the city. For these reasons, he will suit sports, fitness and activity briefs.  He is lean and agile and promotes wellness.

Whilst not strictly accurate, the Sphynx is considered to be a hypoallergenic breed because it is hairless.  Therefore, Ninja will be suited to working with actors and models that struggle with cat hair allergies.  Those people that struggle with dander allergies may still be affected.

His experienced handler is a joy to work with on set and is happy to work towards any brief that may require additional training for Ninja; their bond is so strong that learning new skills is easy for this talented cat actor.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Regarded as a high-end breed with impeccable pedigree, Ninja is an incredibly stylish cat.  Clearly, the defining feature of a Sphynx is its lack of a fur coat! The cats are not, however, entirely hairless but covered with fine, downy hair that is said to be like a peach skin. They usually also have no whiskers  or eyelashes. Ninja fits the traditional sphynx body type of being fine boned yet muscular with a barrel chest. His long and slender legs give him an athletic appearance.  

Ninja has discerning eyes that are piercing and astute with a teal colouring which are incredibly photogenic.  His coat colour appears black with a silver sheen (though he’s officially termed a ‘blue cat’) and dependent upon lighting incredible photography effects can be achieved. 

As Ninja loves to wear clothing, hats and even sunglasses, he’s the perfect cat to model cat accessories for fashion photo shoots.  As can be seen from his social media pages, Ninja likes to wear street clothing, and has a bit of a gangster style about him, but at work, he equally suits haute couture, upmarket perfumes and style shoots.

This model is very familiar with flash photography and loves to strike a pose.

Pet Influencer:

Ninja has an incredible presence on social media with accounts on a variety of platforms.  He particularly does well on Instagram and is heavily involved with two accounts: @2fur1 which he shares with his cat family, and his personal page, @ninjasdailydiary.  His army of fans are particularly engaged on his Facebook page, which even with a micro-following, is where his fans converse, comment and interact a large amount!  The profile on TikTok is popular too, with huge figures on the video shorts. On Instagram @2fur1 has several thousand followers who truly are superfans of the trio of cats, Ninja, Pepper and Cozmo.  The high energy feel of each account is well suited to the street style theme which is highly marketable.  Creative companies find it easy to work with this influencer; posts are always submitted for approval ahead of time and precise stats and feedback is provided for evaluation.

Experience + -

Experienced, confident and easily trained, Ninja is a cat that thrives in the studio environment.  He is more than happy to be handled by human actors and models and is suitable for a variety of complex briefs. He has a strong history of media campaigns and has shown considerable success with influencer posts and social media campaigns.  One of the first animals to do a UK campaign for TikTok, Ninja’s first comedic video short went viral on the platform.  He has also worked for Amazon’s own brand cat food ‘Lifelong’ which included testing the food as well as being photographed alongside it.  Ninja is a wonder cat with a fascinating story behind him.  The media opportunities for him are limitless.


TikTok – animal sticker influencer campaign

Superkitty’ by Paula Bowles and Hannah Whittey – Book promotion

Toto’ by Dermot O’Leary – Book promotion

Bodacious The Shepherd Cat’ by Suzanna Crampton – Book promotion and influencer competition with Harper Collins

HiLife Pets – Cat food promotion via Instagram

Can work with dogs
Drink from tap
Harness trained and lead trained.
Have ears covered
Jump on human shoulder on command
Rides in bike basket
Roll on back
Run and jump into carry case
Sit on human shoulder
Wear glasses
Work outdoors