Urban Paws UK Cyber Abuse Case

The first determination in a series of legal actions taken by The Animal Talent Ltd against Urban Paws UK was handed down.

The Animal Talent Ltd prefaces the issue of this Statement by extending its sincere thanks to everyone who has offered support and good wishes during the previous three years throughout which Urban Paws UK, a competitor agency, deliberately targeted The Animal Talent Ltd with a sustained and damaging campaign of cybersquatting attacks and serious online abuses.

On the 29th March 2023 the first determination in a series of legal actions taken by The Animal Talent Ltd against Urban Paws UK was handed down. In summary it was determined that:
(i) The Animal Talent Ltd suffered disruptions to its operations, by reason of deliberate abusive actions against it on the part of Urban Paws UK;
(ii) Urban Paws UK unlawfully and intentionally misdirected online business away from The Animal Talent Ltd and towards itself;
(iii) Urban Paws UK purposely committed illegitimate acts designed to benefit from the goodwill and reputation of The Animal Talent Ltd, in order to generate clients illicitly to itself;
(iv) Urban Paws UK engaged in prohibited conducts which took unfair advantage of, and were unfairly detrimental to, The Animal Talent Ltd; and
(v) Urban Paws UK wilfully confused online traffic into thinking that its own website was registered to, operated or authorised by, or otherwise connected with The Animal Talent Ltd. 

The Animal Talent Ltd team welcomes this decision and categorically repeats that all indication or implications that Urban Paws Ltd is in any way associated with our agency are false and misleading. Similarly, we again clarify that the untrue insinuations made online are libellous and aimed at tarnishing the image of The Animal Talent Ltd and its management.

Our team of twelve professional handlers, multiple bookers, veterinarians, lawyers and technology experts across the country is distinguished and differentiated by the experience, knowledge, compassion and creativity across the industry that we enjoy bringing to every project we undertake. We always and only trade under The Animal Talent Ltd name and style.

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