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A blue fancy mouse sits on top of a camera

The Charm of Mice in Advertising: Versatile Animal Talent for TV and Film

As demand for animal talent continues to grow in the advertising industry, mice are emerging as valuable assets for brands seeking to create memorable and impactful campaigns.
A brown and white rabbit sits atop a camera

The Endearing Charm of Rabbits: Why They’re Perfect for Advertising Campaigns

A set of wonderful reasons to film and photograph rabbits and bunnies for your next promotional campaign
Brachycephalic face shape comparison

Why We Choose not to Work With Flat-faced Animals

Our animal handler experts provide a guide to brachycephalic animals in advertising and explain why we don't work with them here at The Animal Talent Ltd

Snakes 101 for Producers and Casting Directors

A guide to filming different snake species. Our expert herpetologists provide the down low on filming reptiles

15 Reasons Animals are Used in Advertising and Marketing Campaigns

If you're working on a marketing campaign for a brand and are looking for memorable storytelling, here's 15 reasons why you should hire an animal ambassador
A crested gecko appears to smile. Set against a white background

Seven things you need to know about filming crested geckos

Reptiles and crested geckos are available to hire from The Animal Talent Ltd. These fun, friendly and adorable lizards are available for film, TV and media productions
A seal point ragdoll poses with filming equipment

Producers: Ten Top Tips for Working with Cats on Set

Puppy with cropped ears

Promoting Natural Beauty

Why We Don't Work with Dogs with Cropped Ears. Six Reasons Why we support #FlopNotCrop
Ginger cat with green eyes poses with an old fashioned camera

Seven Tips to Unleash Your Cat’s Inner Supermodel

A Guide to Training Your Feline Friend for the Spotlight
Film producer on a film set

Five Reasons to Work with an Animal Agent

What is a showreel and why does your animal agent want one?

Urban Paws UK Cyber Abuse Case

The first determination in a series of legal actions taken by The Animal Talent Ltd against Urban Paws UK was handed down.

How can rescued reptiles work in media?

Thinking about working with a more exotic animal in your next production? Consider one of our professionally trained rescue reptiles.

What enables us to be animal agents?

All of our qualifications in one handy place so you can see exactly why you should work with our award winning team today!

An Animal Agent’s Story

Meet our director, Paula Stewart, and learn about becoming an animal casting agent.

Pets in TV and Film

How and why pets feature in the world of TV and film media.