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A happy piglet peers through a fence

The Feel-Good Factor

How Animals in Marketing Elevate Customer Experience
A burmese python is set against a white background and faces the camera with tongue out

Unleashing the Serpentine Spectacle

Giant snakes kept in collections in the UK and how they facilitate content creation for media such as film, TV, live events, music videos and more.
A trio of scruffy dogs

Scruffy Dogs Take Centre Stage at The Animal Talent

Why scruffy dogs are a firm favourite at The Animal Talent. Scruffy dogs and lovable rogues take top spot of dog model hires.
A bearded Dragon smiles. We see a side profile.

Scaling New Heights with Lizards

Hiring a bearded dragon for a promotional campaign, film or TV project? You're not alone. Read about this wonderful pet from our expert herpetologists
A happy dog actor versus a sad dog actor

Five Ways Animals Provoke Emotion

The Power of Animal Talent in TV and Film Productions
African Grey close up headshot

Our Feathered Stars

With half a million pet birds in the UK, our feathered friends are popular among producers and directors. Learn about hiring a bird from our expert handlers
A robot cat has shining blue eyes

The Authentic Advantage: CGI, AI and Animatronics vs Real Animals

In the world of entertainment, tech like CGI, AI & animatronics have revolutionised filmmaking. The authenticity of real animal talent should not be overlooked.
A large tabby cat sits aside a book and some glasses. He is looking very studious

Research Paper: Working with trained cats in the UK media landscape

This academical research paper outlines a guide to getting the best out of our feline friends on film sets.
Tabby cat taking a photograph

Can My Cat Be a Model?

Exploring the world of feline fame with The Animal Talent. Is your cat model ready? Take the leap into the cat modelling world and learn how to train and prepare your cat.
Dog with paw on a camera

Can my dog be a model?

If you are in the UK and you’re a proud pawrent who is interested in submitting your dog to be a model, the world of dog modelling is exciting, fun and often full of intrigue. 
Chocolate labrador puppy looks longingly at the camera

What is the most popular dog in the UK?

Unveiling the Everlasting Charm of Labrador Retrievers: The Reigning Stars of the UK Dog World in 2024
A blue fancy mouse sits on top of a camera

The Charm of Mice in Advertising: Versatile Animal Talent for TV and Film

As demand for animal talent continues to grow in the advertising industry, mice are emerging as valuable assets for brands seeking to create memorable and impactful campaigns.
A brown and white rabbit sits atop a camera

The Endearing Charm of Rabbits: Why They’re Perfect for Advertising Campaigns

A set of wonderful reasons to film and photograph rabbits and bunnies for your next promotional campaign
Brachycephalic face shape comparison

Why We Choose not to Work With Flat-faced Animals

Our animal handler experts provide a guide to brachycephalic animals in advertising and explain why we don't work with them here at The Animal Talent Ltd

Snakes 101 for Producers and Casting Directors

A guide to filming different snake species. Our expert herpetologists provide the down low on filming reptiles

15 Reasons Animals are Used in Advertising and Marketing Campaigns

If you're working on a marketing campaign for a brand and are looking for memorable storytelling, here's 15 reasons why you should hire an animal ambassador